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A Better Way To Sleep

It wasn’t hard for me to convince Lana that we needed a hammock in the backyard.

I explained it simply as reminding her how she gets Shondra to go to sleep.

“You rock her gently and what happens? She starts to relax and soon falls asleep. That’s what makes a hammock work.”

Well, okay, there’s a bit more like getting the right hammock and deciding whether to hang it between trees or fence posts or to have it on a freestanding stand. Oh, and then there’s the decision of where exactly it should go if you don’t have trees or fence posts handy.

Aside from all of that, the gentle rocking motion makes the hammock a wonderful way to fall asleep. I’ve heard that they also help people with sleeping disorders, back and neck pain and just a bunch of other positive benefits such as relaxing and de-stressing you and giving you one of the best sleeps you can have.

Also, Lana liked the fact that both she and I can lay in the hammock and rock away with a nap or sleep after putting Shondra down.

There is no doubt that since Lana is a busy mother she’ll love the hammock and what it can do for her as well.

Once we got the hammock, it was easy to decide where to hang it as we have a couple of trees just outside out back door the right distance apart. It turns out we use the hammock more than we do our bed as we sleep better than on a mattress.

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Healing Powers of Birthstones

Part of the history of the birthstones is that it was believed that each birthstone has unique healing powers.  People were encouraged to wear the birthstone of the month to optimize the healing properties of the birthstones. This meant that true believers tried to own all twelve birthstones and they would just change which one they were wearing each month. Other people with specific ailments would keep wearing the birthstone that best matched their ailments.

January’s birthstone is garnet. Garnet is supposed to possess healing powers which aids the blood, heart and lungs.  February’s birthstone is amethyst. Amethyst’s healing powers are supposed to help with insomnia and arthritis.  The birthstone for March is aquamarine.  The healing powers held by aquamarine are supposed to help a person’s eyes, teeth, jaw, liver, stomach and ears.  April’s birthstone is very special. It is the diamond. The diamond is not believed to hold any special healing powers. It is the only birthstone which does not hold healing power.

The birthstone for May is emerald. Emeralds are supposed to hold the healing power to help a person’s blood, pancreas, eyesight and lymph nodes. June’s birthstone is pearl. The Pearl is believed to aid in calming, which is not a specific ailment, but can help with other health issues. July’s birthstone is ruby. The healing powers held by rubies are believed to aid in stabilizing emotions. Peridot is the birthstone for August. Its healing power is to alleviate stress in relationships by reducing anger and jealousy.

September’s birthstone is sapphire which is believed to help create inner peace. The birthstone for October is opal. Opal is supposed to help cleanse kidneys and regulate insulin. The November birthstone, topaz, is believed to help with tissue regeneration. The December birthstone, turquoise, helps with female problems.

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Sunless Stretch Marks

Many of my friends have a few stretch marks from growth spurts as teenagers. None of us have any major ones. Most of ours are small and are white or silver colored. Some of us have them on our hips and butts, but some of the others have them of their backs, thighs or breasts.  Most of them are covered up by our clothing. We were talking about them in the locker room one day and the topic came up about how to get rid of them.

No one had any great success with magically erasing them from their body, but everybody had tips about how to make them less obvious.  Of course the first one was to wear clothes that covered them- so to cover the ones on my hips they said I should wear a bikini that has wide sides on the bottoms.  Then someone suggested rubbing them with coffee grounds that the caffeine in them makes your skin perk up. But the best suggestion that came out of the discussion was to use sunless tanner to cover them up. They said sunless tanning lotions that you can buy at any discount store or pharmacy will help to cover them up without looking weird.

I am now on my second bottle of sunless tanner this summer. It not only covers up my stretch marks, but it makes my whole body look better. Some people would ask why not just get a natural tan, but the natural tan does not hide your stretch marks. The skin’s texture is different on stretch marks so it doesn’t tan evenly. With sunless tanner, you can go back and add more to different parts of your body to achieve the look you want.

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Treadmill Trouble

I try to run on my treadmill at least forty-five minutes a day. I love my treadmill because I don’t have to run through my neighborhood with dogs coming after me, dodging traffic and fighting the weather. I have been trying to increase my speed, so I have been trying the preprogrammed workouts that come on my treadmill. The other day I was running using one of the preprogrammed workouts, I was also multitasking. I was looking through magazines while running to make the time go faster, and I was talking to my sister on speakerphone.

Multitasking on a treadmill is not a good idea.

The preprogrammed workout changed speeds and inclines more quickly than I anticipated, and I lost my balance. I wiped out. I got a little raw skin on my thigh from the treadmill belt and I hit my mouth on one of the handrails on my way down. It loosened two of my bottom teeth. I immediately called my dentist office, but it was closed. I noticed an ad in the phonebook for an emergency dentist in Sydney. I called and they said they could see me right away. The dentist did a physical exam of my teeth and then had the assistant take x-rays. After showing me the x-rays he explained his plan to save my teeth. He was going to bond them to the stable teeth on both sides of them. It worked like magic. The dentist saved my teeth! I will never multitask on the treadmill again.